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TrackIT blockchain: Italian companies showcase

Made in Italy products
Discover the Italian excellence
Supply chain traceabilty
More about the products origin
Blockchain technology
Transparency and immutability

TrackIT blockchain: the value chain for Made in Italy traceability

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is pleased to introduce you the Italian companies which joined TrackIT blockchain project.

With TrackIT project Italian companies can track their products and supply chain with blockchain technology.

The use of blockchain technology enables a transparent verification of the product’s information. By tracking the supply chain of a product blockchain provides a way to check the product origin, the production process and all the company declarations in terms of sustainability and authenticity of Italian manufacturing.

Blockchain technology for products traceability is a useful tool for information transparency, ensures the immutability of the recorded data and the certain date of its recording. By its nature, blockchain thus represents an assumption of responsibility from the company recording the product data and a deterrent against the inclusion of untrue information building trust with consumers, who are increasingly interested in knowing where their products come from and how they are produced.

Blockchain-based traceability enhances the product's reputation and appeal creating a competitive advantage

Foreign companies interested in Italian products tracked with blockchain can find here their business partners, searchable by sector or product.